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License12 – what's that about?

L12 shall provide an effective  base camp for all software buyers. 

L12 is an independent app that shall bring transparency and software licensing knowledge to procurement professionals dealing with large vendors.

L12 establishes a knowledge base for a software procurement Community to visualize vendor strategies,  market trends, procurement needs and negotiation leverage potentials. Information advantages can be developed via surveys, leveraged for new proposals and converted into smarter asset management. The ongoing increase of data points will enhance the software buyers' ability to benefit from such increased insight.


What is the impact of License12 in licensing transactions?

New questions and new models are extracted in this new collective. L12 brings about a holistic approach and enhanced visibility to software licensing. Having full entitlement understanding puts vendors' sales efforts into perspective. Purchasing decisions become more market shaping, and less (not sure the word because fits here) I think you are trying to say the buyer now will have leverage and vendor should not dictate by demand and opportunity?) because driven by demand and opportunity. Software buyers retain their decision power about when and how to buy. Over time, he will become the sovereign of his responsibility.  


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