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The Fun of Effective Software Procurement

You will see how Linda gets more savings on her deal by the end-to-end process support from License12:

The entry screen shows your exclusive ContractSafe® with all transactions listed by vendor.

By choosing the product view, product license quantities are consolidated. The units shown are by vendor-defined license blocks.

When expanding the product, you get access to the details of each transaction and can choose the price history analysis.

The curve shows the volatility over time for a better understanding of price trends. Pending proposals are included to show room for optimization.

At a click, you may explore even the finest detail and question the referenced terms and conditions, purely fact-based.

Back to the list by contract, you now explore the pending proposal that is marked by the small blue flag on the left.

The proposal expansion show many details: items with their metric and respective block size, the net prices and associated item terms.

At a click, you can verify the standard vendor metric definitions that may be restricted or modified by the items terms.

The selection of ContractCompass® delivers a graphic plot of the benchmark data points with respect to your proposal. You can further refine the analysis by size, region and industry.

You can build your own peer group from 19 standard NAISC-codes. The similar applies to size and region.

You may also modify the pre-set value interval for the contracts selected, to better reflect your particular context.

ContractCompass® allows you to identify realistic target discounts, by exploring the density of data points. You easily recognize the room for improvement.

The same approach works for line items, while optimizing the actual product net price instead of discount.

As a result of negotiations, you now want to update the old proposal by a new version.

The source document, pdf or jpeg, is selected for digitalization, to start the conversion of all relevant contract data into a data base structure.

After successful upload, you are notified about the start of the digitalization process.

As soon as the proposal is processed and quality-tested, you receive a notification in your ContractSafe® entry screen, to ask for your final review.

A verification of all numeric and terms data during your review is essential, as the recognition programs cannot account for all unusual data constellations.

Once all items, terms and header data are checked, you may accept the contract. In case you have discovered issues, you add a comment and return the data for a new quality review cycle.

Upon approval of the digitalization, the 'flash benefit' ranking shows if the proposal is now in the upper third, reflected by green scales. New proposal versions are processed free of charge.

The latest proposal version is now available in your ContractSafe® for further analysis.

All proposal versions can be explored in the proposal history, to check out the true commercial improvements.

We now see the benefits of keeping all your inventory in License12, to use the respository as one version of the truth and a sound base for our asset manager Joe:

Closed contracts can be uploaded to your ContractSafe® at any time, to expand your analysis to the complete history of procurement transactions.

With your upload, you initialize a set of recognition routines to convert all items, values and terms into the transparent ContractSafe® format.

You select a title and the vendor and choose between proposal and contract. The choice of a permission group is optional.

You will identify your contract for review by the given title.

After accepting the results, the contract is forwarded for billing and the calculation of the 'flash-benefit'.

The performance index is a ranking of the new contract compared to the relevant benchmark datapoints and serves as a hint to procurement effectiveness. It describes the quantile of inferior contracts.

The new contract now extends your license inventory in your ContractSafe®.

Your admin user has access to the system settings and can assign additional users to the permission groups.

Your admin can also download your license inventory in a standardized format at any time, to feed the tools for software distribution and discovery with consistent data.

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