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License12 provides new opportunities for lifting the pay-back of your software investments.  License estate, procurement and compliance is tuned to lower cost.

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Automation that builds on vendor sources


Once the entire license contracts are uploaded, ContractSafe generates a transparent view on all acquired license rights to the licensee, including metrics, preliminaries and restrictions. With its automated content detection, any manual efforts in this task are eliminated.  It returns a fully transparent highly accurate inventory including special terms and alerts for expiration by using the vendor license master data. For software compliance, ContractSafe® delivers the accurate inventory of licenses purchased at any time and to any subsequent software asset management tool.


A quantitative price analysis is performed by ContractCompass®. Thousands of empirically derived price points reflecting the market segment, the geography and the size of the organization are stored in its database.  Statistical methods based on higher math make sure that the survey responses of every buyer are yielding normalized benchmark data points. Finally, they provide the insights to optimize the relation of quantity and price in a negotiation.

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License12 is collaborating with Doctor- License and other advisory firms with specific skills that allow you to dig deeper and beyond the self-service features provided on this site.

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