Retail business example.

Savings Potential in Reality.

The drug store chain „Fresh and Sober” is using ContractSafe┬« with the option ContractCompass┬« and recognizes after the digitalization of all active license contracts the following facts as a base for planning their next software acquisition:


1. Contract Summary.

The license accruals and procurement historie indicate an over-licensing for occasional users and the expiry of a price hold in the near future. Swift negotiations about re-purchasing with synchronous balancing of the surplus licenses create a Saving of 12.000 €, compared to a delay of decisions.


2. Survey-Benchmark.

Generating the contract compass graph for the first proposal shows a broad span of market prices and suggest an increase of the target discount from 10% to 25%. The subsequent negotiation yield in fact 21.5% Discount, an benefit of 55.000 € while list was at 480,000 €.


3. Procurement Governance.

A significant part of the demand are coming from a Czech subsidiary with own DC, sourcing from the same enterprise agreement. The local buyer has discovered particular low prices for EEC and provides the chief negotiator with valuable levers for a lower pricing. Futhermore, one old contract stands out as being particularly „negative”. The vendor is responding with offering the targeted exchange right for the old contract and a price hold for the next 2 years. Cash-value: 10,500 €.


4. Technical Basis.

The digitalized contracts are downloaded and transfered to the interface for the standardized SAM tool of a leading brand. With that, the distribution of licenses can be based on an actual refreshed set of data with no gap for Compliance /> Quantified risk rate: 2 % of respective license fees = 7,500 €.

Total Benefit:85,000 EURO

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