Service Description

The services schedule contains details of ContractSafe™ and ContractCompass™ respectively in printable format.


Price List

All details regarding License12 Services fees are contained in our current price list:


Pay-as-you-go at your choice

General Principles

The fees for License12 Services are based on the net license value and charged as a one-time fee after the approval of the digitalization results. For ongoing updates and maintenance, a compulsory maintenance fee is charged from the first calendar year after the deposit in the ContractSafe™, QuickBenchmark™ requests are charged case by case with a flat fee.

Billing Principles

For proposals, the service fee is charged based on the first version. If the final purchase will be done at a higher net contract value, the difference will be charged at confirmation of that contract. Intermediate versions of the proposal can be digitalized and tracked at no additional charge.
For operations, security and application maintenance, a service charge of 5 % of the one-time fees (including pending proposals) will be charged by the beginning of each quarter (20% annual rate). Contracts are included in the maintenance baseline at the beginning of a calendar year.
License subscription contracts will only be part of the baseline for the period of vali- dity. The maintenance fee will furthermore be reduced to one half for all contracts older than 4 years.

Check-out Great ROI Opportunities

To assess your own potential to create savings from the full use of License12 Servicese, review the folowing example and try to match it to your particular company environment and maturity of your Software Asset Management.

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Adding more Users

L12 services are provided based on the contract values checked into your ContractSafe©. How to expand the user experience at no extra cost can be found here in details:

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