04. November 2014

Oracle Users demand clarity from vendor

Recent survey or license managers reveil drastic shortages
This is a clear call for improvement!

According to the survey by the Campaign for Clear Licensing, insufficient communication of changes in the licensing rules and unclear license products, which cause own staff to make wrong license assignments, make all efforts for compliance in vain.

88 percent of 100 interviewed asset manager for Oracle do not have the impression that Oracle audit requirements are clear, easy to manage or to respond to. 92 percent indicate that Oracle does not communicate changes in their licensing policies consitently and clearly, even marking their policies as ‘educational and not legally binding’ in some cases.

Oracle operates with LMS a team of experts that is supposed to help user organizations to stay compliant. However, they sometimes claim outdated licensing rules. Only 22 percent oft he respondents call LMS-support “helpful” in an audit.  In another critique, users call it almost impossible to perform a reliable self-audit to measure the own compliance. Partially, the  measurement capabilities do not comply with existing contracts, making planning hard for customers.

What does this mean for you?

User organizations should check before all compliance evaluation, if there is a valid foundation for performing a measurement. Green light for an audit should not be a default. Users of License12 receive two relevant components for this question delivered to the door: the consolidated license repository with their entitlements and their audit terms, according to their contracts. The third piece of the equation, the measurement, can be done via third-party or Oracle’s verification tools.  

To improve the lever towards Oracle LMS, you should use an expert legal support during the audit report analysis. State-of-the -art license advisors include such extended expertise in their services.

(Source: Campaign for Clear Licensing)


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