04. August 2014

Are software maintenance fees purposeful?

Recent survey among German SAP user group reveals discontent over support
Merely 8% of users feel added-value from the more expensive Enterprise Support program

SAP user organizations in Germany prefer support offerings for stability. According to the latest survey on maintenance issues among  members of the German SAP user group dsag, there is an increasing sense of frustration because SAP reduces focus on standard ERP technology and shifts efforts towards cool innovations that promise revenue increases. Also, there is no preference among the two programs  Standard Support and Enterprise Support. The actual survey results are here. There seems to be continued lack of evidence about the added-value of Enterprise Support, according to the dsag bulletin.

Just about 50 percent of respondents have installed the recent Enhancement Packages; with Business Functions that serve as transport for innovation or extension of sytems, the survey shows users‘ preference for free extensions. Only 6 percent of users are willing to invest here.

What does this mean for you?

Paying for maintenance must be rewarded and should make current system use future-proof. As  the fees bundle bug fixes support with system maintenance, the vendor should deliver value for both areas.
Users of License12
monitor the M&S fees over time,ask for maintenance-holds over specific periods and measure the productivity oft he total investment als total cost per user. When additional purchases increase the internal cross charge rates, they can address the issue right there with the next negotiations!

(Source: dsag)


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