27. June 2014

BSA alerts companies of compliance risk

IDC Report sees 24% of deployed software in German companies illegal
German companies exposed to unexpected risk

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) claims a loss of more than 1.6B Euro and has launched a new campaign on compliance, supported by market analyst IDC. However, in 2014 the risk seams to decline slightly.

According to BSA Global Software Survey performed by IDC on behalf of Business Software Alliance, every forth software deployed on a PC in Germany has no valid license. In all EU countries, this portion scores 31 per cent on average.

2013 shows also small improvements: The non-compliance in 2012 was at 26 per cent. A main reason for the reduction are security concerns of end users. The survey of 24.000 IT professionals and users also reveals a back log of license management in the enterprise environment. Only one third of German companies has established written governance to address the risk of illigal licensing.

What does this mean for you?

Even it the survey is biased by its initiators, license managers should accept the wake-up call and check their existing processes: If internal resources are overwhelmed with ensuring license compliance, managers should explore the option of outsourcing that task.  License12 is leading the way here by a SaaS approach to provide the license repository based on automatic conversion of software orders into the database structure. Versatile market benchmarks provide further hints for saving on licensing.

(Source: Statista)


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