20. May 2014

Microsoft and SAP seeking cloud synergies

Software mega vendors third run on improved cloud user experience
SAP's Cloud Data Center in Germany

Microsoft and SAP announced that many SAP applications will run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, and that both new and existing SAP customers will be able to consume these applications in the Software-as-a-Service, pay-as-you-go manner. German software giant SAP is a dominant presence in enterprise software and the ability to run its applications on Azure gives Microsoft a boost in the contest among cloud service providers to capture share of the enterprise market.

Many of SAP’s applications will be certified to run on Azure by the end of the second quarter 2014. The German company’s Business suite, Business All-in-One solutions, Mobile platform, Adaptive Server Enterprise and the developer addition of HANA in-memory database are slated for Azure availability.

Microsoft’s recent Azure moves are targeted squarely at enterprise cloud usage. SAP’s initial foray into SaaS, billed as a trial version for its on-premise applications, took place around 2008. Today, SAP already runs on Amazon Web Services and Verizon Terremark cloud services.

What does this mean for you?

Now it is the time to understand your inventory of on-premise licenses to plan for the future. While business-critical functions will be retained on-premise, a lot of backend services might be a good fit for cloud computing, such as HR and CRM-related services. Carefully check if pure-play SaaS offers may be an alternative and may bring welcomed competition to this conversion.
Users of license repository can run their M&S report to check out how to best exchange licenses based on SAP’s extensions programs. The program is built for facilitating migration to cloud functions and to allocate the previous M&S fees to offset new cloud total service fees, including Azure.

(Source: SAP)


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