05. May 2014

Oracle Pars in Exchange for Cloud Licenses

Customer2Cloud Program Response to SAP Extensions and Markets
Cloud software exchange made easier again

Users of the Oracle solutions for Human Capital Management and CRM can now exchange existing On-Premise applications against associated Cloud solutions. Respective support fees are balanced against the Cloud subscription fees. Oracle follows with this Program SAP’s example who had established their SAP Extensions program in fall 2013 with similar options.

Currently, the program is restricted to Oracle’s offerings in the areas of Human Capital Management and CRM. User of the E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, EnterpriseOne, Siebel and Peoplesoft can exchange their on-premise applications against the Cloud-Services Oracle Customer Experience Cloud or Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.

What does this mean to You?

Traditional software vendors are facing increasing competition from the cloud. Exaggerated support fees drive users to the cloud,forcing Oracle and SAP to provide relief.
Nevertheless You should negotiate the offerings, because remaining investment depreciations are lost for licenses migrated. Furthermore, the aggregated monthly cloud subscription fees remain intransparent and are subject to increase when renewed. Consult experienced license advisors if you want to learn from others. 
Users of License12 will use the support fee reports to support positive financial decision making.

(Source: Oracle)


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