06. February 2014

Will Cloud Licensing really be easier?

Admin SAP Licenses in the Cloud
Know how cloud licensing will be measured!

"Software licensing is extremely complex which makes it very difficult for companies to control compliance and expenditures. But customers are demanding assurance that they can minimize their compliance risk and control their software spending now and in the future - regardless of changes in licensing policies or technologies, " commented a licensing specialist. It applies to illuminate special licensing rules, such as to recognize the indirect access, or special users that perform specific enterprise processes. Named User licenses still represent the largest single item of royalties and different categories can be used effectively if there is an appropriate measurement indicator.

What does this mean to you ?

Responsibility for the measurement is transferred to the operator of the cloud solution, only he can query the usage criteria on the web - backend. Here, the appropriate analytical instrument must be installed and operated which meets the company 's internal audit requirements. Before interpreting the results, no data transmission to the vendor may be redeemed. It is at this point not easy to stay in control. Purchasing should demand such clear audit rules and any infringement sanction, both for the operator and the vendor. License12 supports the tracking of standard guidelines in the form of audit conditions for the cloud.

(Source: SAP)


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