13. December 2013

Is it a revival?

SAP’s Business ByDesign refurbished
Always look behind the curtain!

SAP polished its SME solution Business ByDesign with new features. Above all by HANA , mobile and cloud technologies , SAP delivers now new opportunities for cloud-based solution for SMEs . The regional availability of the solution is expanded from SAP-based to the new framework for cloud ERP. Business ByDesign is to be made not only to a new platform , but can thus provide new functions: Companies now aggregate information and scenarios, can create relationships between them and determine previously identified options for action.
The new in-memory functions support more applications. Based on the new architecture of the solution, ByDesign now combines transaction processing and analysis on a single platform .

What does this mean to you ?

Users of ByDesign can relax , but should remain vigilant : It is not yet clear whether all capabilities of the solution are preserved in its original style under the umbrella of HANA SME at no extra cost . Therefore it is recommended to insist on transformation options of an investment in ByDesign for the next two years for the purchase. To track such option via the ‘Exchange' conditions is particularly easy for License12 users.

(Source: SAP)


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