22. February 2013

Cloud and Reuse provide huge savings

Advanced Software Asset Management propells Green IT
At 80% cloud penetration 4.5M tons CO2 savings

As announced during ICT4S (Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability) in Zurich, Switzerland, cloud software and reuse of software and hardware assets are primary drivers for green IT. The forecast for server penetration in Germany alone will be reduced by 66000 servers with 80% cloud adoption. Taking into account more than eleven countries, the saving will be 1.3M servers or 4.5M tons of CO2.

The savings based on reuse are based on recycling of future laptop frames, that are capable of mounting variable components that allow for refurbishment after exchange and return. The life span for the single components increase dramatically beyond today’s  typical 3-years for such laptops. This causes savings for CO2 –production for more than 60 percent. Downside: A sustainable laptop weighs 3,5 kilograms.

What does it mean for you?

Advanced Asset Management allows enterprises to estimate the own energy savings potential and supports green IT intiatives. Software may be monitored for this from two angles: The transfer or disposal of unused software to other requesters and the conversion of software solutions to their cloud equivalents. For the latter, tracking of terms & conditions embedded in software contracts are key criteria to establish a proper financial evaluation for such options.

(Source: Universit├Ąt Reading, Clever Togehter, Harvard Business School)


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