11. February 2013

Workflow Automation Removes Ongoing Compliance Risk

Automation is key to new savings
Automation is key for new savings

Digitalization services of License12 are the linchpin to a new concept in Software Asset Management: One-Stop-SAM describes the automated workflow starting with the contract upload to the compliance check till the final license optimization. In harmony with the discovery tool, the automated contract analysis extracts licenses and terms for the usage-based optimization: All required data are extracted via ContractSafe from the contract history, including special terms such as exchange rights or price holds. Subsequently, intelligent „Software License Optimization“ tools (SLOs) can suggest adequate license optimizations.

For the first time, License12 demonstrates such integration by a joint scenario with Dynamic Licensing Suite of the California-based SAP specialist Intelligent Licensing . The parameters needed for an SAP-typical discovery are inserted during the digitalization of a new proposal or existing contracts according to the regulations of the SAP own compliance tools LAW. That way, contracts and usage are synchronized via the same identifiers.

What does this mean for you?

User organizations can now use the degree of automation as a criterion to streamline the tasks of optimization and compliance. If the contract administration and the discovery layers fulfill the  One-Stop-SAM specification and the data capture is automated, collaboration will allow new savings and a permanent compliance check.

(Source: Falk-enrich GmbH)


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