Workflow Automation Removes Ongoing Compliance Risk

11. February 2013Automation is key to new savings
Digitalization services of License12 are the linchpin to a new concept in Software Asset Management: One-Stop-SAM describes the automated workflow starting with the contract upload to the compliance check till the final license optimization. In harmony with the discovery tool, the automated contr...
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HANA-Turbo against Oracle

14. January 2013License strategy for SAP-DBMS at a crossroad
So far, in-memory technology HANA had accelerated SAP BW and BusinessObjects components, as well as a number of business scenarios. Now SAP announced the support of In-Memory for the core Business Suite an rolls out this version via Enhancement-Packages. With that, companies can accelerate all qu...
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Seasons Greeting for Used Licenses

21. December 2012Usedsoft resale practice for Adobe sanctioned by Regional Court verdict
Used software may claim a new victory: German OLG in Frankfurt clarifies in the latest verdict of used software reseller Usedsoft vs. Adobe that the European Court ruling remains valid for volume licensing as well. Reselling used licenses previously bought via a volume license agreement means no ...
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Easier IT-Security for the data base

14. December 2012Oracle bundles security options for databases and third party applications
Oracle has launched a new bundle, consisting of Audit Vault and Database Firewall for their data bases. The single options Audit Vault and Database Firewall are replaced by a soft appliance that makes handling and deployment much easier, according to Oracle. The Data-Analysis- and Sniffing-Tool, ...
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Microsoft raising prices for volume licensing

10. December 2012User-based CALs and selected Office products concerned
Microsoft has increased prices for particular software licenses by December 1st. Primarily, the Redmond corporation is adjusting their pricing models to the changed user habits for mobile devices. But also prices for a number of Office Server Products will be increased considerably, as Microsoft ...
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