How to get to ‘Big Data’?

24. July 2013SAP supports more than 500 start-ups since more than one year
In order to promote a new topic to a large user community, it requires special programs. SAP is pursuing this not only traditionally via their venture capital subsidiary SAP Ventures, but since March 2012 Startup Focus also a special initiative for external start-up companies, which is focused on...
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Oracle still lagging on Hana response

31. May 2013Many announcements bring no clarity
With version 12c, Oracle offers a new modular database. Without giving an availibility date, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison added now further details to the ​​announcement made in October last year. Besides multitenancy, the new version will also support a quick set up of new databases, enabling the sa...
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Oligopoly Toughens Global Software Competition

26. April 2013SAP and Oracle Enterprise Software outperform enterprise markets
Western Europe is the only region with declining numbers, but also the overall market is growing much more slowly than in previous years, according to market researchers at IDC. With 3.6 percent, the market for enterprise software is growing only half as fast as in the previous two years. In 2012...
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Cloud saves Oracle’s Quarter Results

22. March 2013Management impacted by increased Q3 market expectations
It is calling for a brutal rally to avoid the first fiasco in an otherwise remarkable success story of this software giant. Revenue hits in hardware, hardly growth in software, and just a little light for the cloud segment that doubled its small size: This was not the plan of top sales strategist...
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Cloud and Reuse provide huge savings

22. February 2013Advanced Software Asset Management propells Green IT
As announced during ICT4S (Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability) in Zurich, Switzerland, cloud software and reuse of software and hardware assets are primary drivers for green IT. The forecast for server penetration in Germany alone will be reduced by 66000 servers with 8...
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