Microsoft and SAP seeking cloud synergies

20. May 2014Software mega vendors third run on improved cloud user experience
Microsoft and SAP announced that many SAP applications will run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, and that both new and existing SAP customers will be able to consume these applications in the Software-as-a-Service, pay-as-you-go manner. German software giant SAP is a dominant...
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Oracle Pars in Exchange for Cloud Licenses

05. May 2014Customer2Cloud Program Response to SAP Extensions and Markets
Users of the Oracle solutions for Human Capital Management and CRM can now exchange existing On-Premise applications against associated Cloud solutions. Respective support fees are balanced against the Cloud subscription fees. Oracle follows with this Program SAP’s example who had establish...
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Will Cloud Licensing really be easier?

06. February 2014Admin SAP Licenses in the Cloud
"Software licensing is extremely complex which makes it very difficult for companies to control compliance and expenditures. But customers are demanding assurance that they can minimize their compliance risk and control their software spending now and in the future - regardless of changes in lice...
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Is it a revival?

13. December 2013SAP’s Business ByDesign refurbished
SAP polished its SME solution Business ByDesign with new features. Above all by HANA , mobile and cloud technologies , SAP delivers now new opportunities for cloud-based solution for SMEs . The regional availability of the solution is expanded from SAP-based to the new framework for cloud ERP. Bu...
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New licensing arrival

04. December 2013Microsoft plans to roll out a new volume licensing offering next month
The "Microsoft Products and Services Agreement" (MPSA) will arrive on Dec. 1, 2013 for organizations. Microsoft is promising a more simplified approach to volume licensing with MPSA. There will be fewer steps to complete a volume licensing agreement. Organizations will have the use of "Web-based ...
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