Oracle Users demand clarity from vendor

04. November 2014Recent survey or license managers reveil drastic shortages
According to the survey by the Campaign for Clear Licensing, insufficient communication of changes in the licensing rules and unclear license products, which cause own staff to make wrong license assignments, make all efforts for compliance in vain. 88 percent of 100 interviewed asset manager for...
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Gartner Forecast Indicates Higher Cost of Software 2015

14. October 2014Technology trends allow intrusion for software marketing professionals
The latest Gartner publications on strategic technology trends are a warning to all budget managers: The Internet of Things or Big Data, Computing everywhere or context-based systems, they all will have an impact on the licensing of the underlying information systems, increasing cost of software....
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Are software maintenance fees purposeful?

04. August 2014Recent survey among German SAP user group reveals discontent over support
SAP user organizations in Germany prefer support offerings for stability. According to the latest survey on maintenance issues among  members of the German SAP user group dsag, there is an increasing sense of frustration because SAP reduces focus on standard ERP technology and shifts efforts...
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Gartner sees spending growth decline

10. July 2014Worldwide IT invest forecast reduced by one third
Market research firm Gartner revised its forecast for IT spending for the year 2014. Though still rising, global IT investments will amount to USD 3.7 trillion, an increase of 2.1 percent over 2013. Originally, the market researchers had forecasted an increase of 3.2 percent. A similar correction...
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BSA alerts companies of compliance risk

27. June 2014IDC Report sees 24% of deployed software in German companies illegal
The Business Software Alliance (BSA) claims a loss of more than 1.6B Euro and has launched a new campaign on compliance, supported by market analyst IDC. However, in 2014 the risk seams to decline slightly. According to BSA Global Software Survey performed by IDC on behalf of Business Software Al...
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