Data Protection Policy

The following link provides access to a printed version of all data protection and security details.


Secure systems at a glance

For general guidance, check our security governance and topics in the related pdf:

Security Principles

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L12 continuously looks after the protection of your procurement data

The level of trust of many customers is based on the 5 Principles of Quality:  Simplicity, Security, Reliability, Confidentiality and Scalability. With ongoing user-feedback, the features and functions of the platform is continuously re-fined and kept state-of-the-art.


License12 services are intuitive and simple. After registration, the customer contract safe is simply built step-by-step by the schema ‚Upload-Confirm-Analyze‘. Standardized Browser UI is implemented for easy-to-view results. Training is not required as results can be obtained immediately.


ContractSafe® is safe and secure. L12 system architecture separates the application layers and ensures – in conjunction with data center security measures – the security and privacy of your data as well as your access rights. The certified processes are continuously monitored for intrusion protection.


Platform operation occurs in a Germany-based data center that is audited regularly to comply with fixed quality criteria and with German data security laws. Data and hardware are mirrored and protected against disruption. Maintenance cycles are minimal and allow 99% availability.


License12 respects the confidentiality of your documents and its resulting structured data. Vendor documents are deleted shortly after digitalization. All staff is obliged to comply with data protection regulations. Benchmark data is only established based on surveys of procurement experts and stored anonymously.


License12 Services scale by all measures: The platform provides standardized contract data structure for all vendors of standard software, worldwide, in English and German. The technical Infrastructure can deal with large amount of data. Functional extensions are not limited and can be implemented upon request.

Cloud Security Alliance

We believe transparency is in the best interest of our clients. That's why we have registrerd our security measures with CSA™


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