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L12 services are provided based on the contract values checked into your ContractSafe©. How to expand the user experience at no extra cost can be found here in details:

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The Power of Contextual Transparency

The benefit of License12® is derived from the contextual relations of contract data with its pricing and terms, the standards of vendor data management and the simple processes of a SaaS application: Technology takes a back seat and allows the user full control. The tool is intuitive and easy to use.


Full Contract Transparency

ContractSafe® offers a continuous, standardized monitoring of license orders in a vendor-independent view and replaces the sporadic procurement summaries that are mostly spreadsheet-based.  Standards allow the comparison of all procurement terms and deliver insights for optimizations. The continuity is secured by automated extraction of terms via the digitalization. 

Benchmark of Terms

All users of License12® participate in frequent surveys, disclosing their current and future buying patterns and target prices. The data points are classified by industry, size and region and converted into anonymous format. Queries provide insights to price bands, related deal sizes and preferable purchase dates. With such analysis, timing and negotiation targets of next license orders can be improved.

Establishing a Procurement Governance

Accessing the power of License12® services without a user-based service fee allows distributed organizations to invite all parties to collaborate on a common platform with their own ContractSafe®, according to their budgets, responsibility and empowerment. This elevates communication and ensures consistency by using only one set of data. Disparate procurement files are no longer an impediment to united buying power. 

State-of-the-art Technology

The License12® technical foundation allows an easy extension of functionalities according to the changing needs of software buyers. Centralized operations  and easy accessibility deliver an excellent cost/benefit ratio. For a full implementation of compliance, all License12® data can be downloaded and further processed in local software asset management tools, endorsing the concept of open systems.

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How your contracts are benchmarked in the unprecedented ContractCompass© may be explored with the following details:

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